What happens to the calves once they are born

We keep our babies with their moms for 2 weeks after which time they go into a calf nursery where they all stay together in one big calf group versus small individual pens. We have found that this works well from a social aspect as they are able to experience the herd dynamic with the older calves being with them.  Here they are still feed on cows milk instead of a milk replacement powder. Once they get to approximately 6 months old they are then reintegrated into the large milking herd with the other cows. We keep our male calves and they get to grow up on the farm eating in the open pastures all day, then at around 18-24 months they will get sold for free range beef.


Do you use any preservatives in your products:

We don’t use any preservative, stabilisers or thickeners in any of our dairy products


What do you use to sweeten your flavoured yogurts:

We only use raw honey and natural flavours for these yogurts. For our fruit flavoured yogurts we use real fruit and boil it up to make a pulp which is then added to the yogurts.


How do we know your products are safe to consume:

We test all of our milk monthly at an independent testing facility where we test for any bad bacterias like Ecoli & Coliforms . We also get our cows tested yearly for TB & Brucello( Contagious abortion) just so we can also ensure that the cows are all free from these diseases.


What do you feed your cows:

Our cows are out on different pastures throughout the day and normal veld grass during the night. The grasses will vary during the different seasons. At milking time they will also be given a small amount of Dairy ration that doesn’t contain any stimulants or antibiotics. This is just to ensure they are getting a balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals they need .


What do you do if any of the cows get sick:

Cows do occasionally get sick and sometimes require medicine — just like we do. To begin with we will treat as naturally as possible but there are times we need to call in our vet.. We will also always double the recommended withdrawal period for any medicines they get. All medication is 100% approved for dairy cows so their will be no residue in the milk


How do your cows get pregnant:

We use a bull to cover our cows  and don’t use artificial insemination. The cows will just be naturally covered by the bu