Mooberry Farms started in 2010. We are a small family run business which is passionate about bringing you the best possible dairy products from cows that are well looked after and free to be as cows should be – out in the open grazing on big open fields all day.

We started the farm when our children were still young and we came to realise that getting good clean dairy products from cows that were properly treated was very difficult. So we started with our very first cow Buttercup and as people came to know they could get milk from us our little herd began to grow to the 75 cows it is today. Our herd is made up predominantly of Jersey cows with a handful of Friesland’s. Our cows are fed on a diet that is 100% hormone and antibiotic free.  They graze out on different seasonal pastures all day and are fed a small amount of grain at milking times to ensure of their dietary needs are met. Seasonal changes in the pastures will affect the milk, so you may notice a difference in colour, taste and creaminess in the milk as the seasons change.

At Mooberry Farms our vision is to provide food that is as natural as possible. All our products are hand crafted and we don’t use any thickeners, stabilisers, preservatives or gelatine. Our double thick yogurt is made the old fashioned way by draining it through a muslin cloth to drain out most of the whey. It takes approximately 3litres of Plain yogurt to produce 1litre of Double Thick yogurt. We use only raw honey, natural flavours and real berries in our flavoured yogurts. Our milk is not homogenised so you will see that after leaving the bottle to stand for a little time the cream will rise to the top.

We take great pride in our brand and love knowing that we can make a difference in your journey for a healthier, happier lifestyle